Monday, February 3, 2014

The Little Things

My sister and I talk just about everyday. It may be via whatsapp, iMessage, or FaceTime, but there's always something to talk about. We even like to share our normal day to day tasks that no one would really care about; including our wonderful significant others.

You are probably thinking, what could these two ladies be talking about. Many of our conversations have consisted of what we are cooking/eating. Both of us really do love our food but then we complain about how the food we cherish so much is making us fat. Another common topic of discussion is T's beautiful baby boy. Saying I am obsessed is an understatement, so you can only imagine how Apa (means older sister, A.K.A Tasneem) is. Over the summer when I was home I would taunt T with pictures of her baby stuck under the dining table chair and playing while she was working. Now she has the pleasure of doing the same to me. Luckily we have the miracle of video chatting, so I get to see the wonderful little guy as much as I want. There's also a constant struggle over me calling him potato, she isn't too pleased with that nickname. We like to talk about what we're watching on TV, if we have bought anything new, and any hobbies we would like to explore; the list really does go on.

Today we had our conversation about how sometimes we imagine going to get things in our head then realise we are picturing home. I mean home as in where we grew up, where our parents live. Both Apa and I are married and living separate from our parents, so it's funny how we still picture it in our minds when thinking to go get something. The amount of times I'm laying in bed at night and want some water but begin feeling lazy because I don't want to have to walk down the hall, down the stairs, turn on the lights, and then go in to the kitchen. But then I remember, I live in Manchester, in a one bedroom apartment. So the kitchen is literally in the next room.

Moving away has definitely been a struggle, sure it's been a year and a half now but I do miss home. I love my life here and am so happy. I'm lucky to have access to electronics and the internet to keep me in touch with people back home. The little things truly do matter. Just because we are across the pond, doesn't mean we can't act like we're right next to each other. Having such random conversations with my sister, other family members, and friends makes me feel right at home; wherever in the world I am.


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