Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pure Michigan

Lake gazing

A couple weeks ago we took a family vacation to celebrate some birthdays. This was the vacation of our childhood. We all packed into our respective cars and drove a few hours to one of the most remote places I have ever been. I was honestly afraid my little toy car would get stuck in the tire treads on the gravel roads; and since there was no cell phone reception I do not know what we would have done if that had happened. We had rented a cute little lake adjacent cottage off of Airbnb and the weekend was full of games and hijinks. We went canoeing, played board games, created a roaring bonfire and even started a family band.

There were a couple baby sized tables perfect for Bachu

Out on the lake
We had a blast on this tree swing
scrabble photo 20130622_173404_zps43818a1e.jpg
Scrabble was an intense affair
Cute garage turned taco stand off the highway

And last but not least a video of the band...

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