Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In my neck of the woods we have doughnuts

Apparently, cupcakes are so last year. Doughnuts are the new black (Chicago Reader even named it the best new food trend). I am a big fan of doughnuts, even though until fairly recently all I had ever really had was the Dunkin and supermarket variety. But then again, I think doughnuts are kind of like pizza where even when they are bad they are still good. Or maybe my sweet tooth is steadily taking over my brain and I am lost.

Glazed and Infused started as a modest little window in Wicker Park. There was something so exciting about being able to walk up to this little hole in the wall and receive the bounties of sugary goodness while the rest of the world was binging on tacos (from Big Star of course). Late night wandering no longer really work with my lifestyle though so now I like to get my fix from the West Loop location.

Every day there are a variety of flavors that are rotated depending on the season. This visit we were lucky enough to get blueberry lemon, a strawberry glazed bismark with lemon curd filling, a banana cream cheese and a bear claw with apples and almond paste. I had been hoping for one of their everything doughnuts but maybe I will have better luck next time. ~T


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    1. Have you had one? I really want to try one. And the same chef recently started making frozen smores. If only I was going to be in New York any time soon...