Thursday, July 25, 2013

slinky 2
Photo by Woodleywonderworks (flickr)

The intwerwebs are easy to fall into. Sometimes too easy and you find yourself akin to a slinky stuck on an elevator, falling and falling until you aren't really sure where you began on where to stop. Here are a few things that made us pause recently:

Even the seemingly insignificant words we say mean something more >>>
Once clothes were tailored to fit us, but now we tailor ourselves to fit the clothes >>>
Artist Alyssa Dennis makes dreamy detailed works >>> (I especially like this one)
We all know that family members look alike, but this is a whole other level >>>
This Chicago based t-shirt company is really going places, and they have great designs >>>
Really want to try the two tone lippie, can't seem to get enough of the pink and red contrast >>>
Bec Winnel's portfolio is stunning,we really want a couple prints for ourselves >>>
Jenny recently diy-ed concrete countertops, seriously thinking about recreating this one >>>
Having lived in Uptown, I am kind of obsessed with the Uptown theater. If only I had the money for this lot >>>
Elizabeth is doing an fascinating series on babies/children as they grow >>>

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