Saturday, July 13, 2013

I always knew

Fireworks by Maria Sayla

I am currently living out y dream of becoming an artist. I go to one of the best art schools in England and am so happy to be there. I go to the Manchester School of Art which is part of Manchester Metropolitan University.

Ever since I was a kid I constantly drew pictures and colored. Usually at some point kids grow out of that; I never did. I always wanted to be an artist. As I grew older I came to realize that being an artist isn't the most practical job so I bounced around ideas of going into psychology and even pharmacy. But I knew that would  never make me happy, sure I would be more stable financially, but money really can't buy true happiness.

After graduating high school I was lost. My parents never pressured me to go into anything specific, but like all parents they wanted me to be stable and happy. I started my post high school education in community college. I took an art class in my first semester and finally decided that I am going into art.

Art makes me so happy. Deep down I guess I always knew that nothing else would compare. I have worked very hard to get to where I am now. I am constantly learning new things every day. Being an artist is so exciting for me. It's funny to think back and remember being told by my drawing teacher that I didn't have the talent to become an artist. I never let that get me down. I am so passionate about what I do that no matter what anyone says I will pursue it. I mainly draw and paint but my skills aren't limited to that. The past year in school I have learned so much more.

I am happy and thankful for all the love and support my friends and family have given me. I am not yet sure what I will do when I graduate, but no matter what it will be in the art field. I will always be an artist, and always have been it just took me a little time to realize it.


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