Saturday, August 3, 2013

Trading Places

President Obama Visits London - May 24, 2011
photo by JR P
On Saturday my little family will be going to England. There are some big events happening in my hubby's family so we decided to cross the pond so we could be there for them. Once, I used to go to England as often as I could; but now this will be my first trip there in a couple years. Maria's in a bit of a tiff that I am going there for a visit while she is here but I am sure that we will go for many more visits in the future.

This will be my hubby's first trip back to Manchester after moving here and he is ecstatic. I am excited to be going to spend time with friends and family. And looking forward to having a vacation right before the hectic goings-on of Maria's wedding. However, I am also nervous about flying with my wriggly baby. I am afraid of being one of those parents you bemoan being on the same flight with because their children are so upset. Wish us luck!


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