Friday, August 2, 2013

It's my Ishtyle: Real Housewives in Woodridge

Would you look at that, we have the same smile.

I love window shopping for pretty aprons. However, I rarely ever buy them. Especially the hostess aprons that I am not really sure I would ever actually use because I would be too afraid of dirtying them. Maria and I went shopping a few weeks ago and she mentioned that she was looking for a good hostess apron. So then we spent a bit of time seeing if we could find one she liked but to no avail.

A little whole after that I found out that Martyn George was closing up their brick and mortar shop and migrating to online only so they were having an inventory sale. I went with the intention of buying gifts for my husbands family but walked out with a gift for myself and Maria...funny how that happens.

Matching aprons

On Maria: dress - Forever21, bracelet - made by our brother, apron - thrifted from George Martyn
On Tasneem: dress - thrifted from our mother's closet, bracelet - Kate Spade, hair flower - Accessorize, apron - thrifted from George Martyn

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