Friday, January 24, 2014

Blissfully Dreaming

I have been in my home for about a year now but have yet to feel like I have completely decorated any aspect of it...not even the coat closet (anyone have any good suggestions for shoe organization?). But I am ok with that. For me, the best way to decorate is to start using a space and really get a feel for how you will use it before you start doing things to it. (side note: Grace at Design Sponge has some great thoughts about being mindful at home)

I feel like I have made good progress on my son's room and the bathroom. And even though they are still in progress I want to start working on our bedroom. When we lived in an apartment in the city a few years ago I feel that the bedroom was sadly neglected. I had a burst of creativity and production and decorated multiple rooms at once and then burnt out. I recently read somewhere that how much you put into a room reflects how you feel about what you use that room for. So, the place where my husband and I cuddle (and usually the baby wriggles his way into bed too) needs some attention. After all, cuddling is essential to my being.

 I have put together a few mood photos to get a better idea of what I want to do in the room.

I really like the lanterns here and the texture in the bedding. Also, we recently took out our headboard and I like how clean it looks, so I am not really looking to add one back.

Once again I am all about the textures here. And the minimalist look of the duvet. Normally I gravitate towards ruffles, pleats and pom poms; but the graphic simplicity of this duvet really speaks to me.

This image has definitely traveled all about the interwebs but I love it despite the familiarity it now has. I really need more light around my vanity area and this looks like the perfect solution to me. Also, how great is the detail on the walls?

As you can see from the sum of all these photos I have a rather eclectic style. I am always looking for new ways to mix things together. In this case I am a typical Libra; when presented with options I see the virtue of all of them. This room does a good job of bringing together many different things. Plus, garlands!

Overall I have realized I wish our room had higher ceilings and more windows. In lieu of doing some major remodeling I will see what I can do to infuse some airy dreamy beauty into the bedroom. I am really learning to love the *new* home and enjoying making it really ours.

Want to see more? Check out my Pinterest and here is how I keep track of all my decorating related projects.


photo credit: all the above photos were taken off of Pinterest

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