Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Where do we go from here

How do you change something when you don't like the direction it is going in? Turns out Maria are not the most dedicated bloggers. But, that isn't because we don't want to blog but rather that this blog was becoming something we weren't sure we liked. For two sisters who were once remembered by a stranger as the ones who are mean to each other, this was becoming too formal a space. Somewhere we were always aware that someone else is watching.

So, where do we go from here. We have identified the problem but not the solution. As a former biologist I think this calls for some experimentation. 

In this time of media and information saturation Maria and I have developed an eclectic array of interests that we want to exercise and explore so in the coming months you will be able to see all sorts of things til we find our groove. 

Maria likes:
eating out
hanging out in the rooftop jacuzzi
cooking for friends

Tasneem likes:
taking sneaky breaks in the day to read
furniture design
Doctor Who
obsessively making lists
baking scones

Just a little taste of the things you will find as we think and explore. Thanks for sticking through this journey with us. I promise it won't be painful as we don't bite. It may however prove to be a delightful time-suck.


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